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Dansrue M01 Mp3 Player

The M01 mp3 player has an 8 gb internal storage that can be easily filled with your favorite music, this player also has a digital audio calendar to help you keep track of your music lives. It also has a built-in speaker that can let you listen to music while on the go.

Dansrue M01 Mp3 Player Walmart

The M01 is a portable music player that can play digital music or video files from a phone or e-reader, it includes a built-in bluetooth camera and speaker, so you can share audio or video content with others while they listen. The player also includes built-in antennas for phone signaling and streaming, so you can also use your phone's phone app to share audio and video content, the M01 is a digital mp3 player that features an 8 gb. It comes with an 8 gb storage in perfect condition, the player also features an 1. 8" touch buttons and a digital display, this player is perfect for anyone looking for a digital mp3 player. The M01 is a digital mp3 player that is made with touch buttons and an 8 gb storage, it comes in rose gold or black, and is available in both 8 gb and 16 gb options. It has an 8 mp camera with standard mode and a standard setting of 2, 7 million it also has an 3 m case. The M01 is a touch button digital mp3 player that is equipped with an 8 gb memory card, it is available in rose gold or 8 gb color. The player has an 8 gb memory card that can be at 0-2 kh, the player also has an 3 mp camera with of the ability to take 1080 p hd video and take pictures and videos with the touch buttons.