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Fiio Mp3 Player

The m6 is a high resolution digital music player that offers an excellent user interface, it can play music, and videos. The player offers a single speaker and a comfortable design that makes it straightforward to use, the m6 is available right now for $100.

Mp3 Player Fiio

The x3 mark iii is the latest in the line of hi-res lossless digital audio players, this player provides a new, advanced ability to convert high quality lossless digital audio files into a wider range of supported file types. With this feature, you can easily hear and understand lossless digital audio files without having to have knowledge about digital audio files, the x3 mark iii also gives a built-in 2-disc cd burner that makes creating cd tracks easy. The player also imparts a fast storage capacity of 256 gb which is first-rate for holding your music, the m3 k player offers new features and improvements over the m1 k player including a digital voice recorder and 24 hours playback. M5 hi-res mp3 music player is conjointly includes features such as calls and music playback based on your phone's call policy, the m5 mini hi-res touchscreen mp3 player is a top surrogate for individuals wanting for a miniaturized audio and video player. This player grants a black color and renders a hi-res touch screen, it includes a bluetooth dac and is blacked out on the touch screen. The new m7 music player extends a new advanced hi-res music support! This player renders a touch screen to help you control your music with ease, additionally, the new silver-colored touch screen means you will be more visible to your music with a hi-fi experience.