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Soulcker Mp3 Player Bluetooth

The d16 16 gb mp3 player is a top-rated way for someone scouring for a Bluetooth noise canceller, it's also splendid for use in music streaming, with its Bluetooth 4. 0 support and fast transfer rate, with its advanced features and easy-to-use menu, the d16 is a must-have for any music player.

How To Put Music On Soulcker Mp3 Player

How to put music on your mp3 player: 1, open the player on your phone. On the player's left hand side, click on the "app" button, click on the "google play" button. Click on the "android" button, click on the "mobile" button. Click on the "sos" button, the player will start. Click on the "ok" button, the player will save your music to your device. Click on the "play" button, the player will play your music. Click on the "hi" button, the player will play lossless music. Click on the "bose" button, the player will play music from a bose sound system. The player will start playing music and give you a progress bar, when you finish playing music, the progress bar will go down and the player will stop. You can change the music you want to listen to, the player gives a battery life of up to six hours. The is an 16 gb Bluetooth 4, 0 portablehi-fi lossless sound music player. It is top-notch for music lovers who need the best sound quality and facile management of their music, the comes with for managing music files and a facile to handle interface. If you're searching for a straightforward to adopt and convenient 3 d mp3 player that you can bring with you anywhere, the is unequaled for you! This case brings thesoulcker's features to your device, making it effortless to make calls, play music, and more, the also comes with a variety of other top features, like dust-off time and auto pairing. So don't wait any longer, order your today! Is a high-quality mp3 player that is splendid for on-the-go, with its small size and quality sound, mp3 & mp4 player is top-grade for anyone.